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Introduction of PV jaw crusher:
The PV jaw crusher manufactured by Hengyuan China-Phoenix is used for crushing and crushing operations. This machine has its unique advantages in structure design, working performance, service life, maintenance and so on. It is the choice when crushing hard and strongly corrosive materials efficiently. At present, the PV912 jaw crusher newly developed and manufactured by Phoenix has become a popular jaw crusher model in expressway, railway, Airport runway, mine, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields.
The working principle of PV jaw crusher:
The motor drives the jaw assembly to and fro according to the predetermined trajectory through the belt and pulley. When the movable jaw rises, the angle between the elbow plate and the movable jaw becomes larger, which pushes the movable jaw plate closer to the fixed jaw plate. Meanwhile, the material is crushed and rubbed. When the movable jaw goes down, the angle between the elbow plate and the movable jaw decreases. The movable jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate under the action of the pull rod and spring, and the broken material is discharged from the discharge port.
Performance characteristics of PV jaw crusher:
1. Advanced moving jaw assembly makes it more durable. The movable jaw assembly is composed of high quality steel castings (welding parts). The large flywheel (belt pulley) is made of integral steel casting process. The heavy eccentric shaft is forged and processed, which makes the PV series jaw crusher more reliable.
2. Integral cast steel bearing seat. The integral cast steel bearing seat can fully match the frame, and at the same time, the radial strength of the bearing seat is greatly enhanced, and the maintenance cost of the equipment is reduced.
3. Bearing specifications are larger and bearing capacity is stronger. PV series jaw crusher uses larger and more durable bearings than the same size crusher. Its higher carrying capacity and effective labyrinth seal design significantly prolong the service life of bearings.
4. Symmetrical V-shaped crushing chamber. Symmetrical cavity design, large inclination angle of elbow plate, large stroke and reasonable speed, make feed particle size larger, output higher, particle size more uniform, reduce jaw wear.
5. Safe and fast adjusting device for discharge and discharge ports. Hydraulic wedge-type adjusting device is used to adjust the size of discharge port conveniently and improve the automation of maintenance. When the power supply interruption causes the equipment to shut down with load and needs to clear the cavity, the system is convenient to operate and shortens the shutdown time.
6. The effective stroke at the bottom of the crushing chamber is larger with more reasonable design of dynamic parameters. The PV series is designed with large centrifugal force and steep elbow inclination angle, large stroke, suitable speed and flywheel inertia to ensure better crushing performance.
7. Use tooth-shaped guard plate. PV series European jaw crusher adopts a new type of toothed guard plate to increase production and prolong maintenance cycle of vulnerable parts.
8. The structure design of PV jaw crusher is more reasonable and its performance is more stable. The whole machine adopts modular design to facilitate disassembly and transportation. The high movable jaw tooth plate can not only effectively protect the movable jaw and bearing chamber, but also ensure smooth cutting, avoid stoppage phenomenon and achieve the best continuous crushing performance.
Product parameters of PV jaw crusher:


throat size(mm)


opening width(mm)




PV710 760*1060 500 75-200 110 750 17.3
PV912 900*1200 800 154-250 132 1000 39.3
Note: If the parameters are updated, please contact us without further notice.
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PV jaw crusher price:
The price is determined by the model chosen by the customer, so please call for it.
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