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PY-Hydraulic Cone Crusher

PY-Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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Introduction of Hydraulic Cone Crusher:
Hydraulic cone crusher is a modern high-performance hydraulic cone crusher developed by Phoenix based on lamination crushing principle and conceptual design of more breakage and less grinding, which integrates high swing frequency, optimized cavity type and reasonable stroke. This series of cone crushers are generally engaged in the second or third stage of crushing, especially for materials with medium hardness or higher, which has obvious crushing effect.
Hydraulic cone crusher principle:
When the hydraulic cone crusher works, the rotation of the motor swings around a fixed point under the force of eccentric sleeve through the belt pulley or coupling, the drive shaft of the cone crusher and the cone of the cone crusher. Thus, the conical crushing wall is sometimes close to the surface of the mortar wall fixed on the adjusting sleeve, and the ore is continuously impacted, squeezed and bent in the crushing chamber to realize the crushing of the ore.
Performance characteristics of hydraulic cone crusher:
The combination of high performance crushing chamber and high crushing frequency greatly improves the processing capacity of conical crusher. Because of the lamination crushing principle, the crushing products are mostly cubic structure, which greatly reduces needle-like materials. The conical crusher has simple structure, easy operation, maintenance, convenient and quick adjustment of discharge and outlet, time-saving and labor-saving maintenance, especially the lining plate is easy to replace quickly, which reduces the downtime.
When the non-breakable foreign body passes through the crushing chamber or the machine is overloaded for some reason, the cone crusher spring insurance system realizes the insurance, and the cone crusher discharges more ore. Foreign bodies are discharged from the crushing chamber of the cone crusher. If foreign bodies are stuck in the discharging outlet, the clearing chamber system will continue to increase the discharging volume, and the foreign bodies will be discharged from the crushing chamber of the cone crusher. Under the action of spring, the discharging outlet of cone crusher is automatically reset and the cone crusher returns to normal operation. Cone crusher series crushers can be divided into three types: coarse crusher, medium crusher and fine crusher. They can be purchased according to different needs of users.
Hydraulic cone crusher parameters:

of crushing

range of
discharge outlet

feed size








1300 PYFB-1313 Standard fine form 1295 13-31 115 109-181 160 22476 2983*1866*3156
PYFB-1321 Standard medium 16-38 178 132-253 22167
PYFB-1324 Standard coarse form 19-51 205 172-349 22120
PYFB-1325 Standard extra-coarse type 25-51 220 236-358 22125
PYFD-1306 Short headed fine type 3-16 54 36-163 21703
PYFD-1308 Short head medium 6-16 78 82-163 21675
PYFD-1310 Short head coarse pattern 8-25 89 109-227 21789
PYFD-1313 Short Head Extra Coarse Type 16-25 113 209-236 21821
1600 PYFBII-1620 Standard fine form 1676 16-38 178 181-327 250 41460 3900*2930*3242
PYFBII-1624 Standard medium 22-51 205 258-417 41087
PYFBII-1626 Standard coarse form 25-64 228 299-635 40834
PYFBII-1636 Standard extra-coarse type 38-64 313 431-630 40674
PYFDII-1607 Short headed fine type 5-13 60 90-209 40734
PYFDII-1608 Short head medium 6-19 76 136-281 40614
PYFDII-1613 Short head coarse pattern 10-25 113 190-336 40531
PYFDII-1614 Short Head Extra Coarse Type 13-25 129 253-336 40374
2100 PYFBII-2127 Standard fine form 2134 19-38 236 544-1034 400 86730 4613*3302*4638
PYFBII-2133 Standard medium 25-51 284 862-1424
PYFBII-2136 Standard coarse form 31-64 314 1125-1814
PYFBII-2146 Standard extra-coarse type 38-64 391 1252-1941
PYFDII-2110 Short headed fine type 5-16 89 218-463 89500
PYFDII-2113 Short head medium 10-19 113 404-580
PYFDII-2117 Short head coarse pattern 13-25 151 517-680
PYFDII-2120 Short Head Extra Coarse Type 16-25 172 580-744

Note: If the parameters are updated, please contact us without further notice.

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