Crusher accessories

Crusher accessories

The classification of crusher accessories is roughly as follows:
Cone crusher accessories

The conical broken fittings mainly include: frame bushing, drive shaft bushing, main shaft sleeve, main shaft bushing, rolling wall, crushing wall, distribution tray, lower thrust plate, bowl-shaped tile, bowl-shaped bearing frame sealing ring and the like.
Jaw Crusher Accessories
Jaw crusher accessories mainly include: toggle plates, bracket pads, adjustment seats, springs, spring pull rods, upper and lower side guards, eccentric shafts, etc.
Sand making machine accessories
The sand making machine accessories mainly include: counterattack plate, lining plate, backing plate, lower lining plate, distribution plate, shaft assembly, outer blade, feed pipe lining, rotor assembly and so on.
Counterattack accessories
Counter-attack parts mainly include: counter-attack, liner, square steel, plate hammer
Mill accessories
Grinding machine accessories mainly include: grinding ring (ring), blade, plum blossom frame, grinding roller, grinding roller assembly, impeller, etc.
Vibrating screening equipment accessories
Feeder accessories mainly include: screen bars, gears, springs, etc.

The circular vibrating screen accessories mainly include: universal coupling and screen
The price of the accessories for the above equipment is determined by the price of the raw materials at that time. Therefore, customers need to consider this factor when they need to make an inquiry. The crusher parts produced by our company are suitable for the crusher produced by Shanghai Hengyuan. If you purchase other company's products, please explain with us. For more information on the price of accessories, you can follow the accessories website: /china/cpzx/psjpj/

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