Vibrating screen

Vibrating screen

Product Usage:
The vibrating screen is the supporting equipment of the sand making production line. The braided structure of the vibrating screen is pre-bent into the corrugated form of the wire, so that the two bends are stuck in the same position to ensure the size of the mesh. The vibrating screen has two-way corrugated bending and tight Lock bending, two-way wave bending, flat top bending, one-way corrugated bending, solid structure, mostly used in mining, coal, construction, glass factory, petroleum, hardware products and so on.
Product Categories:
Wire mesh

Manganese steel wire mesh


Punching steel screen

Polyurethane screen

Quality assurance
Every step of casting production has strict control procedures. Before leaving the factory, it must pass the quality inspection of quality inspection department to ensure the quality of each manufactured product;
The vibrating screen produced by our company can double the production efficiency of the gravel production line, reduce the investment cost of wear and tear, and reduce the loss of work stoppage caused by frequent replacement of parts and greatly improve the return on investment;
Technical guarantee
With Hengyuan·China's vibrating screen, it can be configured according to customers' individual requirements. The products undergo scientific and strict smelting, casting and heat treatment processes. In addition to greatly improving the screening performance, the screening efficiency of crushed materials can be improved.
Wide range of applications
Widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials, electric power, transportation and other industrial sectors, for the first, second and third grade screening of various ores and rocks.
The price of vibrating screen is more complicated, so customers who need to buy screens, please call Shanghai Hengyuan Crusher Sales Hotline: +86-21-33781259 to get the latest offer, or you can choose the field inspection method, buy a custom screen to get a better purchase. Experience, thank you.

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