Counterattack broken rotor

Counterattack broken rotor

Hammer crusher rotor introduction:
The hammer breaking rotor structure comprises the steps of decomposing the integrated rotor into several parts that can be combined. One rotor is composed of a plurality of identical monomers, each of which has a clamping surface and a positioning surface of the hammer. Locating the pin holes, the cells can be positioned by the pin and finally integrated into one. The counter-attack work environment is bad, the wearing parts are seriously worn, and various faults often occur. Understanding the maintenance and precautions of counter-rotating rotor parts, giving full play to the functions and advantages of the equipment, is of great significance to improve the anti-shock performance and production efficiency.

Main factors affecting the service life of counter-rotating rotor
Due to the high linear speed of the impact crusher rotor, the rotor is equipped with 3-6 pieces and up to 8-10 plate hammers. The time interval between the two front and rear hammers is only a few tenths of a second. In such a short period of time, only a small amount of material can enter the strike zone in one piece, and most of the materials, especially the bulk materials, only have one end into the strike zone, so the hammer is not hit on the center of gravity of the material block, that is, the hammer is not The impact of the entire material block is broken, but an oblique collision.
Counter-breaking rotor use precautions
1. During the assembly, operation and maintenance of the static balance impact crusher of the rotor, special attention should be paid to the static balance of the rotor. Regardless of turning the head or replacing the hammer, the hammer on the rotor should be exchanged at the same time to avoid serious vibration and bearing heat caused by the static imbalance of the rotor. When the hammer is turned or replaced, the new hammer should be weighed, and the hammers with the same weight or very small weight difference (0.5kg) should be installed symmetrically along the circumference, so that the whole rotor is in static equilibrium. If there is still a bias, it can be solved by temporarily adding a balanced weight on the rotor.
2. Rotor lubrication machine operation, pay attention to observe the temperature rise of the rotor main bearing, normal should not exceed 60 ° C, the maximum should not exceed 75 ° C. If the temperature rise exceeds this requirement, it should be stopped and checked quickly to take effective measures. Rolling bearings at both ends of the rotor can be lubricated with oil or molybdenum disulfide grease, with a small amount (2-3 times) of grease being injected regularly per shift.
3. During the operation of the sealed dust-removing impact crusher, the dust generated is relatively large. In addition to the good sealing of all parts of the crusher, ventilation and dust collection equipment should be installed in the workshop. In the case of a twin-rotor impact crusher, the transmissions of the two rotors should be activated separately. The starting sequence of the complete crushing equipment should be: dust collecting equipment, transporter, crusher and feeder; the parking sequence is just the opposite.

Quality assurance
Every step of casting production has strict control procedures. Before leaving the factory, it must pass the quality inspection of quality inspection department to ensure the quality of each manufactured product;
The hammer-type counter-breaking rotor produced by our company can double the production efficiency of the crusher, reduce the investment cost of casting wear, and reduce the loss of work stoppage caused by frequent replacement of parts, greatly improving the return on investment;
Technical guarantee
With Hengyuan·China's crusher rotor, it can be configured according to customers' individual requirements. The products undergo scientific and strict smelting, casting and heat treatment processes, in addition to greatly improving wear resistance, it can also improve the aesthetics of broken materials;
Wide range of applications
Widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials, electric power, transportation and other industrial sectors, used in the crushing and fine crushing of various ores and rocks.
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