Jaw type broken motor

Jaw type broken motor

Brief introduction:
The squat is also called the hoe or the back, and the cast structure is generally used. In order to reduce the weight of the moving jaw, the welding structure is also adopted in foreign countries. Due to its complicated structure, the welding process is highly demanded. According to the structural characteristics, the jaw crushing maneuvering jaw can be divided into: box type structure and non-box type reinforced structure. Most manufacturers in China design non-box type reinforced structure. The front part of the mounting bracket is a flat structure, and a plurality of stiffened plates are arranged at the rear to enhance the strength and rigidity of the moving jaw. The movement performance of the jaw crushing motorized cymbal, making plane complex movements, sometimes close to the fixed fixed tooth plate, and sometimes leaving, forming a spatially varying crushing chamber, the material block is broken under crushing, grinding and breaking. This movement causes the block to be pushed downward, the block is broken in the crushing chamber, and the broken block is discharged from the discharge port.
Dynamic installation method:
The assembly of the jaw-type crushing motorized cymbal is assembled by using the pre-assembled moving parts, and the moving jaws, the movable boring shaft, the movable tooth plate, the bracket plate and the like are assembled in advance, and then mounted in the rack by the crane. The specific installation method firstly fits the sliding bearing and then puts it into the frame bearing housing to measure the inclination and the deviation value of the same bearing. If it is within the range, apply lubricant to the shaft surface of the bearing housing and put the moving jaw into the bearing to complete the operation.
Overhaul of the carcass:
1 Remove the moving body
Before the maintenance, the power should be cut off. Firstly, the spring on the tie rod should be loosened, and the rear thrust plate should be removed. The two ends of the movable body can be removed and the movable body can be lifted out for inspection.
2 Thrust plate groove and bearing hole maintenance
The lower thrust plate groove shall be parallel to the center line of the bearing borehole, and the parallel deviation shall not exceed 0.3 mm, and the coaxiality of the bearing hole axes at both ends shall be 0.05 mm.
3 dynamic maintenance
After the convex edge of the fixed lining of the moving body is worn, Shanghai Hengyuan recommends repair welding, and the moving raft should be kept at the same distance from both sides of the frame, and the deviation should not exceed ±2mm.
4 Maintenance of the lining support surface
The supporting surface of the lining plate shall be rough-processed, and the contact with the scorpion body during assembly shall be good. There shall be no floating angle phenomenon. If necessary, grinding or flattening with a grinding wheel shall be firmly contacted with the moving shovel, and there shall be no looseness; the lining plate may be turned over. Use, if there are cracks or other defects affecting the strength and the tooth profile is highly worn, it should be replaced.
Common faults and solutions:
Reason 1: There are serious defects such as dense pores in the casting.
Solution: This is because the structure itself has problems in construction, so it should be replaced in time to avoid further losses.
Reason 2: Unqualified brackets and bracket pads were used. Therefore, when the crusher is under strong impact, the bracket does not have self-breaking protection, resulting in breakage of the moving jaw.
Solution: Replace the original brackets, brackets, and replacements of the original factory.
Cause 3: The moving jaw is displaced in the frame, and the bottom end of one end collides with the frame side guard plate, causing the dynamic jaw to break.
Solution: Replace the move. At the same time, properly install the eccentric shaft, bearing, adapter bushing and moving jaw, and replace the damaged parts.
Cause 4: The tension of the spring of the tie rod is not replaced in time after the failure of the spring tension.
Solution: Replace the tension rod spring of the moving machine and check the elasticity of the rod spring regularly. If the tension fails, it should be replaced in time.
Reason 5: The discharge port is smaller than the specified limit, causing the dynamic rupture.
Solution: Replace the moving jaws and adjust the size of the discharge opening in time to meet the production needs and discharge opening requirements.
Reason 6: The feeding position is wrong. The angle to one end or the lower hopper is too steep, so that the material directly hits the moving head, causing the moving jaw to break.
Solution: Replace the moving jaws and correct the feeding hopper in time to ensure that the cutting is even and stable, and split from the middle to the sides.

Dynamic carcass price:
The price will vary with the type of jaw crusher, so please call Shanghai Hengyuan Crusher Sales Hotline +86-21-33781259 to inquire about the price of broken carcass, thank you!

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