With an investment of 255 million yuan, an annual throughput

On April 19, in the border waters of Wuhan City and Xiaogan City, law enforcement boats broke through the waves, and law enforcement officers looked around, carefully observing suspected River branching and passing boats. More than half a month ago, Wuhan Municipal Water Bureau and Xiaogan Municipal Water Resources and Lakes Bureau decided to launch a one-month joint law enforcement operation in the waters bordering the two cities of the Hanjiang River, focusing on the investigation of illegal sand-mining vessels in the reach. Wang Zhixin, vice-captain of Hanchuan Water Administration Supervision Brigade, said that since the joint law enforcement, seven illegal sand dredgers have been investigated and disposed of, and all the power systems and sand dredgers have been cut and dismantled.
This is a microcosm of the joint law enforcement of river sand mining management in Hubei Province.
Xiong Feng, director of the Sand Pipe Supervision Office of the Water Resources Department of Hubei Province, introduced that in recent years, Hubei Province has been exploring the joint law enforcement mechanism of river sand mining management. As early as 2014, a linkage mechanism of sand mining supervision in inter-provincial waters was established with Jiangxi, Anhui and Hunan provinces. According to the changing situation, the cooperation agreement of sand mining on-site supervision in the Hunan-Hubei border river section was revised to realize the inter-provincial linkage law enforcement. Information sharing.
Joint law enforcement mechanisms have also been fully established between provinces and municipalities. In 2014, in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, Wuhan, Yichang, Jingzhou and Xianning jointly signed an on-site monitoring agreement for sand mining along the inter-city boundary. In the lower reaches, similar agreements were also signed between Wuhan, Huanggang, Ezhou and Huangshi. According to the agreement, a large-scale joint law enforcement operation is carried out quarterly every year. Up to now, more than 20 joint law enforcement operations have been carried out. Normalized cooperation mechanisms have also been established between cities such as Shiyan, Xiangyang and Jingmen in the Hanjiang River Basin and among departments such as water conservancy, transportation and public security.

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