What are the impacts on the selection of sand and gravel pro


Customers who have consulted the equipment must know that when communicating with the two parties, they usually ask about the type of raw stone, the size of the material to be discharged, the size of the output, etc. Why do you ask these questions first because the type of stone, the output and the output directly affect the equipment? Type and line design. Only by determining these factors can we design a suitable production line for our customers.
1. There are many types of stones, such as granite, basalt, river pebbles, limestone, dolomite, quartz stone, etc. The equipment used for different hardness is of course different. The hardness of granite and river pebbles is relatively high, so it is often used for smashing + cone breaking + system Sand machine, good finished product, high efficiency, soft hardness of limestone and dolomite, commonly used smashing + counter-breaking + sand making machine, simple structure.
2. Discharge specifications, different customers may have different requirements for discharge. Some customers need stone materials, some need machine sand, some stone and sand materials are needed. Therefore, when communicating, it is necessary to specify the discharge specifications and influence. Equipment selection
3. The output size, sand and stone processing equipment models are diverse, and the output is also the main aspect of the selection. If there is production planning, the engineer can select the appropriate model according to the number of tons processed in one hour or one day to better utilize the production capacity.
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