Livestock review of Liaoning sand and gravel production line

On May 23 and 24, 2019, in the clear sky, Shanghai Hengyuan delivered the equipment for the sandstone production line of Liaoning customers. After more than 1,800 kilometers, it will be transported to the customer site for installation.
There are a lot of equipment for this shipment, and 8 heavy trucks are used for shipping. The production capacity of the sandstone production line of Liaoning customers is about 600t/h, and the total number of sand and gravel production line equipment shipped is 19 sets, which are:
1. One PV-912 jaw crusher
2, 4YK-2475 four-layer vibrating screen two
3, 2YK-2475 four-layer vibrating screen two
4, 2YK-2160 vibrating screen
5, PF-1515 impact crusher two
6, PX-1616 high fine crusher two
7. One ZSW-600×1300 vibrating feeder
8, GZG-1253 hanging feeder four
9, GZG-703 hanging feeder four
The pictures of the crusher equipment are as follows:








There are a lot of photos shipped, not listed one by one.
Next, I will introduce the main equipment jaw crusher in the production line:
PV-912 jaw crusher is mainly used for rough and medium crushing operations. It has its unique advantages in structural design, working performance, service life and maintenance. This type of equipment is mature in crushing technology and production process; E-break is an ideal choice for high-efficiency crushing of hard and strong corrosive materials. E-breaking machine is favored by customers in the fields of expressway, railway, airport runway, mining, building materials, metallurgy and chemical industry.
PV-912 jaw crusher performance characteristics:
1. Integral cast steel structure bearing housing. The integral cast steel housing can be fully matched to the frame, while also greatly enhancing the radial strength of the housing and reducing the maintenance cost of the equipment.
2. The advanced dynamic assembly makes it more durable. The dynamic assembly is composed of high-quality steel castings. The large flywheel (pulley) is made of integral casting steel. The heavy-duty eccentric shaft is forged and processed to make PV. The series jaw crusher is more reliable.
3. Use toothed guards. The PV series European version of jaw crusher uses a new toothed guard to increase production and extend the maintenance period of consumables.
4. The bearing specifications are larger and the bearing capacity is stronger. The PV series jaw crusher uses larger and more durable bearings than the same size crusher. Its higher load carrying capacity and effective labyrinth seal design significantly extend bearing life.
5. Symmetrical "V" type crushing chamber. The symmetrical cavity design, the large inclination of the bracket, the large stroke, and the reasonable rotation speed make the feed particle size larger, the output is higher, the particle size is more uniform, and the wear of the raft is reduced.
6. Safe and fast discharge opening adjustment device. The hydraulic wedge type discharge opening adjustment device is convenient for adjusting the size of the discharge opening and improving the automation degree of maintenance. The system is easy to operate and reduces downtime when the power interruption causes the equipment to be shut down with load and requires clearing.
7. More reasonable kinetic parameter design, the effective stroke at the bottom of the crushing chamber is larger. The PV series is designed with large centrifugal force and steep bracket tilt angle. The large stroke, suitable speed and flywheel inertia ensure better crushing performance.
8. The structure of the PV jaw crusher is more reasonable and the performance is more stable. The whole machine adopts modular design, which is convenient for disassembly and transportation. The high dynamic jaw plate can not only effectively protect the moving jaw and the bearing chamber, but also ensure the unloading of the material, avoid the phenomenon of plugging, and achieve the best continuous crushing performance.
PV-912 jaw crusher model, parameters:
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Jaw Crusher Parts Purchasing Guide:
Breaking the structure of the working principle:
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