1200 tons per hour crushed stone production line program

The customer's production plan of 1200 tons of crushed stone production line is designed free by Shanghai Hengyuan Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. The whole set of production line equipment includes: steel structure, belt conveyor, concrete foundation, wire and cable, electric control device and other equipment, product quality warranty for one year (Except for wearing parts); payment method: 30% of the total contract amount as advance payment, 70% of the total contract amount before delivery; delivery cycle: after receiving the advance payment, the supplier factory delivery within 60 working days; full set The crushed stone production line equipment is shipped by the manufacturer, but does not include the related transportation costs, and the transportation costs are borne by the customer. The content of this crushed stone production line includes the following aspects:
1. Basic overview of production line:
1) The raw material of crushed stone is basalt, and the method of blasting mining is adopted;
2) The production capacity is 1000-1300 tons / hour;
3) The final product is conventional four kinds of discharge, which are: 0 ~ 5mm, 5 ~ 10mm, 10 ~ 20mm, 20 ~ 31.5mm;
4) The crushing process adopts the mode of "vibration feeder + jaw crusher + two-break cone crusher + three-break cone crusher + graded vibration screening equipment + finished product vibration screening equipment". Designed by Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Flow chart of crushed stone production line
Figure 1: Flow chart of the crushed stone production line
Equipment List of Crushing and Screening Joint Production Line
Serial number Device name Equipment model Quantity power
      (station) (KW)
1 Vibration feeder ZSW600*150 2 37*2
2 Jaw Crusher PE1200*1500 2 220*2
3 Cone crusher PYFB1636 2 250*2
4 Cone crusher PYFD1624 4 250*4
5 Vibrating screen 2YKA3072 8 22*2*8
6 Suspended feeder GZG1253 8 2.2*2*8
2. Description of production line process design:
1) Head-breaking unit:
       The "vibration feeder + jaw crusher" combination mode is used to complete the head breaking system.
       The feeder adopts ZSW series products, and the box body adopts integral hemming technology, which has excellent stability, long-term use without deformation, durability and high reliability. The ZSW series feeder is a double eccentric shaft horizontal vibration feeder. The vibration principle of the series feeder is that the double eccentric shaft is staggered by 45 ° when installed axially, so that the feeder is forced to vibrate in the direction of the feed surface at 45 °, so as to achieve the feeding purpose of the feeder. The advantages of this series of feeders are relatively simple structure, stable vibration, and large feeding volume. The unique three-layer grid design at the end of the company's feeder can separate the small materials in the principle material and increase the overall production capacity.
Vibration feeder
Picture 2: zsw vibration feeder

The jaw crusher adopts the PE series jaw crusher of the national standard. This kind of equipment has many advantages such as stability and reliability, convenient maintenance, and high versatility of spare parts. It is widely used in the configuration of various production lines at home and abroad. The PE jaw crusher is a compound pendulum jaw crusher. Its working principle is: the working part of the jaw crusher is composed of two jaw plates (static jaw and dynamic jaw), and the static jaw is vertically fixed on the front wall of the machine body. Up and down, the position of the moving jaw and the fixed jaw form a crushing working chamber of "upper big and lower small". The belt is driven by the motor to move the moving jaw of the eccentric shaft up and down, so that the movable jaw plate performs periodic cyclic actions against the stationary jaw. When the two jaws are close, the material is squeezed to produce a crushing effect. When the two jaws are separated, the ore material enters the crushing cavity, and the finished ore material is discharged from the discharge port. This series of crushers have the advantages of large crushing ratio, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable work, easy maintenance, and economic operating costs.
Jaw Crusher
Picture 3: PE jaw crusher

2) Two-break unit and three-break unit:
      The two-breaker unit and the third-breaker unit adopt a new type compound cone crusher. Due to the high hardness and strength of basalt, the use of cone crusher can effectively improve the service life of wear parts of crushing equipment, and can provide higher efficiency of production benefits. When the compound cone is broken, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the triangle belt, the large pulley, the transmission shaft, the small bevel gear, and the large bevel gear. The surface of the crushing wall is close to and sometimes away from the surface of the rolling mortar wall, so that the material is continuously impacted, squeezed and bent to break in the annular crushing chamber composed of the fixed cone and the moving cone. After many times of extrusion, impact and bending, the material is broken to the required particle size and discharged through the lower part.
      The company's compound cone crusher has the following characteristics:
Convenient cavity cleaning: when unbreakable foreign objects pass through the crushing cavity or the machine is overloaded for some reason, the spring safety system realizes insurance, the ore discharge port is increased, and foreign objects are discharged from the crushing cavity. The ore discharge will continue to increase, and foreign objects will be discharged from the crushing cavity. Under the action of the spring, the ore outlet is automatically reset and the machine resumes normal operation.
      Lubrication protection: The lubricating system is equipped with oil return and temperature protection devices, and is interlocked with the main motor to protect the host from damage; the labyrinth dustproof ring is sealed to ensure that the lubricant is clean.
      Economical use: The cavity type of the crusher is mostly coarse, fine and superfine. The user can choose different cavity types according to different needs to better meet the needs of the user.
      Convenient maintenance: all easy-wear parts are protected by manganese steel to extend the life of the whole machine. The mounting surface of the dynamic fixed tooth plate is finished, and the replacement is simple and quick.
      Stable running performance: The hydraulic locking device stabilizes the crushing force and provides over-iron release protection; the frame is welded with cast steel, which is strong and durable.
      In this production line, because of the high production capacity, the extra-coarse PYF1600 compound cone crusher is used as the second-level crusher, two medium-sized PYF1600 cone crushers are used as the third-level crusher, and the middle is set in the third-level crushing Silo, so as to obtain greater capacity and higher crushing efficiency.
Compound cone crusher
Picture 4: PYF compound cone crusher
3) Classification vibration screening and finished product vibration screening unit:
       The vibrating screen is an important part of the establishment of the ring crushing system in the crushing production line. The screening efficiency and reliability of the vibrating screen even directly determine the production capacity of the entire production line.
Vibrating screen
Figure 5: YK / A vibrating screen
The new YKA series circular vibrating screen not only has the highest screening efficiency, but also has the advanced convenience of maintenance. The company's YKA series vibrating screen has the following advantages:
Strong excitation force and easy to adjust
      The YAK3072 vibrating screen used in this project adopts a strong double-vibrator structure, which can obtain a strong exciting force. By adjusting the eccentric block, the amplitude and the exciting force of the vibrating screen can be quickly adjusted. Curved screens and screens without pressure bars YK series vibrating screens optimize the screen box structure. The screens are fixed by tensioning plates on both sides. The screens have no bars and the screens are curved. Therefore, the materials can be quickly dispersed on the curved screen, and run without hindrance to obtain a high-efficiency screening effect; the screen surface has no beading, which makes the screen replacement very convenient, without the need for people to climb into the screen box to disassemble the bolts, and replace the screen quickly ;
Universal coupling
      The use of a universal joint coupling makes the bearing of the vibrating screen greatly optimized, and the bearing has a long service life and is difficult to damage.
4) Suspension feeder unit:
      GZG suspended feeder is a self-synchronous inertial vibration feeder, which is evenly or continuously fed to the receiving device from the intermediate silo and transfer silo. In this scheme, a suspended feeder is used for each of the intermediate silo and the transfer silo to provide uniform feeding for the subsequent impact crusher and cone crusher, so that the subsequent equipment can obtain a stable and continuous working load.
Hanging feeder
GZG hanging feeder

The above is the detailed process design plan of the complete 1200-ton crushed stone production line. If you want to know the price of the entire crushed stone production line, you can consult the company's service hotline for the latest quotation. If you encounter any technical problems in the gravel production line, you can also call to consult, we will try our best to help you solve the doubts in production.
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